• What types of remodeling services do you offer?
Click here to see a list of services that Choate Builders provides.

Yes. I can evaluate an existing structure or space and create the appropriate design, compatible with your lifestyle and needs. Click here to learn more about our design services.

  • What if I already have a design? Can you build my project using someone else's design?
No problem!  As long as the plans are sound and complete we can use them to build your project.

  • How long have you been building?
Choate Builders was originated in 1995 and I have been building for close to 20 years. 

  • What is involved in securing a permit?
From an owner's perspective, nothing need be involved in securing a permit.  I handle all paperwork, fees, and administrative work necessary to prepare your property for construction.  If you would rather obtain the permit on your own that is okay as well. 

  • What geographic regions do you serve?
Our services cover all of Fairfield County and New Haven County, Connecticut. We also will periodically travel beyond these areas, upon request.

  • Do you provide free estimates?
I personally visit each new customer and will review the planning, designing and building process with you.  After a basic evaluation of the project, the design, your budget and other information I'll be able to provide you with a good idea as to what it will take to build your project or if it can be done for within your budget.  

  • How many years of actual on-site construction experience do you have?
With almost 20 years of hands-on experience I'm able to plan for projects so that not only will the final product meet your expectations, the way in which the project will be built will be an enjoyable experience.  

  • Can you back up any claims you make about the quality of your work? 
Yes.  I will provide you with the names of dozens of people I have worked for who will be happy to tell you about their experience with Choate Builders

  • Do you use sub-contractors?
Yes.  You can feel good knowing that in addition to your job being run and supervised personally by me, I will also have the assistance of experienced and very skilled sub-contractors who will help your project turn out exactly as you want it to.

  • Do you and your sub-contractors carry liability insurance?
Choate Builders, LLC and anyone who works on our projects carries insurance and will provide you with an up-to-date certificate of insurance upon request.  

  • Are you trained to perform lead-safe work practices as required by the EPA?
Yes. All contractors who work on homes built before 1978 are required by law to be certified by the EPA in lead-safe work practices. See my  Environmental Protection Agency training certificate.

  • Why do you sometimes use the word "us" when you, Paul, are really the only one who is actually Choate Builders?
Good question! The answer is simple: I can not be successful or helpful to anyone without the help of others.  I surround myself with excellent specialty sub-contractors, carpenters, suppliers and other professionals who play a major role in helping me provide the best service possible.  I consider them to be part of my team.  So, I sometimes like to use the words, "us" and, "we" when letting you know what I and my company can do for you.

  • How do I get started?
For more information about our professional contractor services, please contact me at (203) 305-2299 or email me at Paul@choatebuilders.com

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